5 Most Favourite Refreshing Sodas in Japan

25 April 2019 0 By John K.
5 Most Favourite Refreshing Sodas in Japan

When looking for a refreshing drink in Japan while sightseeing, you will find it an adventure on its own. There is a variety of colourful selection across the different convenience stores and vending machines in the country. There are a variety of familiar sweet sodas, fizzy drinks that have zero sugar and various brand names you probably never heard of before. Japan has an interesting culture of soft drinks. So, are you scouring for a nice and refreshing Japanese soft drink taste? Scroll through our top five list.


One of the most famous carbonated drink in Japan is the classic Japanese Ramune. It has an irregular appearance or unique shape in anime and manga. Ramune which translates to “lemonade” was first manufactured in 1872, making it one of the oldest lemonade in Japan. You will hear the Japanese people referring to it as “marble soda” due to its unique marbled bottleneck. They are only found in supermarkets and beverage stores. So, don’t bother looking for them in convenience stores and vending machines. Alternatively, you may look for them in stalls across the country because they are a staple of the local Japanese Summer festival.

The Qoo Muscat

This soft drink is renowned for its adorable mascot. It is a non-carbonated Coca-Cola product and an ideal choice for teenagers or your kids. It comes with a squeezable green pouch and a plastic nozzle. They have a characteristic a round-faced and eared animal looking like a cat. They are muscat flavoured with a chunky jelly texture and quite a sweet and interesting taste.

Calpis Soda

The Calpis is a famous drink in Japan best known for its refreshing yoghurt flavour. Many people don’t know that the inspiration of the drink is from the Mongolian airag-the fermented horse milk. It was invented in 1919 and was the first lactic acid drink in Japan. Once you buy it you will have to mix it with either milk or water-one of the reasons it’s famous. However, the mixing is not necessary as the drink is most convenience stores and the vending machines sell it in pre-diluted version as Calpis water and soda.

Canned Coffee

If you are looking for either a hot or cold ready-to-drink coffee in any Japanese vending machines and convenience stores? Then, the canned coffee is your best bet. The drink was first manufactured in 1970 and comes in a rich assortment of various varieties such as the strong milky, sweet and black.

Iced Green Tea

The iced green is the drink of choice in case you want to get an authentic Japanese taste. This unsweetened but healthy refreshment is a staple soft drink in Japan. You will find it in all the vending machines and convenience stores as well as supermarkets in Japan.

Whether you are looking for a bitter, sweet or healthy drink, there is a lot of refreshing and authentic Japanese drink that will surely quench your thirst! You will find them in most convenience stores, supermarkets, stalls or vending machines. Taste your way through them and find the best one!