Best Way to Do a 1 Day Trip to Kyoto From Tokyo

16 April 2019 0 By Brenda C.
Best Way to Do a 1 Day Trip to Kyoto From Tokyo

In Japan, Kyoto and Tokyo are the most popular cities. Most of the time, tourists would want to visit Kyoto from Tokyo in a day of their stay in Japan. Such trips area quite possible, and I’m about to show you how. First, let us look at your two transport options.

The Shinkansen Bullet Train

This is the fastest way of getting to Kyoto from Tokyo and also the most comfortable way. The quickest Shinkansen is called Nozomi, and it only takes 140 minutes to get to Kyoto. A ticket costs 13,080 yen one way, per person. Reserved seats are a bit more expensive, costing about 14,500 yen per ticket. In case you possess a JR rail pass, and consecutively you choose to use Hikari, which comes in second in speed from Nozomi, it will take you close to 165 minutes, with the fair remaining the same.

Shinkansen Bullet Train’s Ride Tips

When you take seat E on the Shinkansen Bullet train, you will have the best view of Mt Fuji on a day when the Sun is up from the window’s seat. The view is about 40 minutes from Tokyo after departure. At the train’s station in Tokyo, consider buying Bento lunch boxes. These lunch boxes are unique, and you can get them in different varieties.

Taking the Bus to Kyoto

Although the bus may not be as comfortable and fast as the train, it is the cheapest way to get to Kyoto from Tokyo. The buses are boarded from the Shinjuku Terminal. The night bus leaves Tokyo at around 10 or 11 pm, arriving at Kyoto at 6 or 7 am. Prices keep fluctuating depending on the days of the week and seasons. During the weekend and holidays in Japan, prices are usually very high. On average, bus fare will cost between 1,700 yen to about 6000 yen.

Buses to Consider

Willer express is one of the most recommended bus companies for this trip. Their fare is about 4,000 yen. Coming in close is the VIP liner with the same price on bus fare. A cheaper option would be Sakura Kanko bus whose fare is about 1,700 yen.

Itinerary that is Recommended

The Most Comfortable Plan of a Round Trip with the Bullet Train

This is the best itinerary option. You leave Tokyo at around 8 am by the Bullet train and get to Kyoto at around 11 am. You will have about seven hours touring Kyoto, site seeing and doing a bit of shopping in the local market and malls. You then board the Bullet train back to Tokyo at 6 pm and get to Tokyo by 9 pm. Total transportation will cost about 26,000 yen. Once you get to Tokyo, you can have a meal in one of the hotels near the train station. Some of the recommended hotels include Shangri-La Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo situated at Marunouchi and the Tokyo Station Hotel. These prestigious and first-class hotels.

A Longer Stay Plan in Kyoto

This option is a bit cheap as compared to the Bullet train to and fro option. It is even better given that you will explore both the Bullet train and the bus plus have a longer stay in Kyoto. You will need about 15000 to 20000 for your transportation. You get on the 8 am train and get to Kyoto by 11 am. You then have about 7 hours to tour the city of Kyoto and mingle with the locals. From around 6 pm to 10 pm, there are a lot of night activities that might interest you. A late dinner in the city would be a great option. At around 11 pm, you can get on the night bus back to Tokyo and arrive in Tokyo at 6:30 in the morning. The hotels in Akihabara are great budget hotels which are near the bus terminal in Kyoto.

The to and fro Itinerary by Bus

This is the cheapest itinerary with a cost of about 4000 to 12000 yen. You get on the 11 pm bus in Tokyo which gets you to Kyoto at around 6:30 in the morning. You can then take a breakfast break at the hotels in Akihabara and enjoy some good Japanese breakfast. After breakfast at around 8 am, you can now plan out your day. This will give you about a 10-hour visit to Kyoto. Make sure you have all the fun in the sun all day and then plan an amazing late dinner at around 8 pm. Since the night bus leaves at 11 pm, you will have an ample time enjoying your meal. The bus to Tokyo leaves at 11 pm getting there at 6:30 in the morning.

The night buses have recently been renovated, and so they are more comfortable than they were before. This makes it better for those who want to travel by bus both ways. The distance from Osaka to Kyoto is not long; with the 10 hours in Kyoto, you can visit Osaka and get back before your evening dinner. Make sure you take lots of pictures as you tour along.