Top 10 Private Onsen in Kyushu

1 February 2021 0 By Brenda C.
Top 10 Private Onsen in Kyushu

Onsen cities and their hot springs are some of the most popular destinations for travellers and are considered a must-do when visiting Japan. Where is the best area for onsen in Japan? Kyushu is a region where many popular onsen towns are located. That’s why Kyushu is named as a paradise for onsen lovers. There are many recommended ryokans with indoor and outdoor onsen baths for private use, for example: Beppu, Yufuin, Kurokawa, and Mt.Unzen. Below is a list of the top 10 private onsen ryokans across Kyushu that we highly recommend. Let’s explore and choose the perfect place for you!

1. Amane Resort Seikai

One of our top picks in Beppu

World-class service at AMANE resort SEIKAI provides a windy luxurious guest room with an open-air hot spring bath overlooking an impressive view of the blue ocean. This resort is located in a prime location, at just a 7-minute walk away from JR Beppu Daigaku Station and only a 40-minute drive from Oita airport.

The guest room is fitted with dark wooden flooring and decorated in a traditional japanese style. For the facilities, the Seikai offers large public baths and hot tubs on the ground and top floors, massage and treatment services at Spa Sheer Pearl. Moreover, you can taste traditional japanese food at Gen restaurant, or fresh seafood at Eitaro, as well as Japanese-Western fusion food at Ban-ya.

2. Iyashi-no-Sato Kiyashiki

Hilltop Ryokan in Kurokawa

Iyashi-no-Sato Kiyashiki is nestled on a hilltop in a rural area of Kurokawa.

Here, visitors can admire panoramic views of the seasonal scenery of the mountain. The hotel provides a range of natural hot springs : both indoor and outdoor gender-seperated onsens. One of the most exclusive features is the guest room, which gives access to a private outdoor onsen with a stone bath for your relaxable moment.

As the hotel is located on a mountain, it’s truly a location with so much to do : soaking in a relaxing onsen, skiing, and there is also a golf course nearby for golf lovers (within 3 km).

3. Yufuin Gettoan

World class standard hotel in Yufuin

Located on the mountain, Yufuin Gettoan, a luxurious accommodation, is surrounded by a peaceful greenery forest. This ryokan location boasts a picturesque view of a nearby mountain river where you can hear the relaxing sound of birds singing.

The ryokan promises you an abundance of facilities and of course large public hot spring baths both indoors and outdoors. From the open-air onsen, you can appreciate the beautiful view of Mount Yufu.

It takes around 7 minutes to drive to JR Yufuin station and around 10 minutes to Oita Expressway.

4. Meien to Meisui no Yado Baien

Traditional ryokan with excellent services in Yufuin

Baien is one of the popular ryokans in Yufu among visitors for its traditional open-air hot spring. This place is just 1.2 km away from Yufuin Motorcycle Museum and 1.1 km of Kinrinko Lake.

About the guest room, the room is very spacious for a big family or a group of 7 adults. During your stay in Baien, you will be able to enjoy an amazing view of Mount Yufu and a tranquil natural environment breathing all the fresh air you need.

5. Kappo Ryokan Kannawa Bettei

Great rynkan for a couple or a family in Beppu

Highly recommended for a couple, Beppu Ryokan features individual stand-alone guest rooms with a private onsen. The rooms are fitted with both traditional japanese futon mattresses and western beds.

Furthermore, guests can also reserve a hotel’s large hot spring bath for private use. And about the services, breakfast and Japanese multi-course dinner will be served directly in the guest room for your convenience.

6. Ryokan Oku-no-yu

One of the top picks in Minamioguni

Welcome to the original japanese-style ryokan in Kurokawa! Oku-no-yu is situated along the Tanohara River in a nature area. Here, you will experience charming japanese-style accommodation. From traditional to modern, this place gets them all. The guest rooms are decorated in a traditional style and fitted with all needed appliances for your convenience.

In the public area, guests can access a thermal-heated indoor swimming pool, Gambanyako stone sauna, and a special public bathing area. The hot springs in Oku-no yu are separated in 2 types : one is situated in a cave and the other one is an open-air bath.

7. Unzen Fukudaya

Cozy onsen ryokan in Unzen, Nagasaki

Featuring public indoor and outdoor onsens and relaxing massage, Unzen Fukudaya is always a popular destination for visitors. The ryokan is situated 30-minutes drive away only from Shimabaragaiko Train Station. Moreover, there is also the Nishi Iriguchi Bus Stop right in front of the hotel. Super convenient for travellers!

Unzen Fukudaya provides 2 high-end room types : western style (with a western bed) and traditional japanese style with futon bedding. Besides, guests can have a relaxing time in a sauna room or reserve private hot-spring baths as well.

8. Tsumikusa No Yado Komatsu

Onsen Rynkan with easy access to the city in Kirishima

Conveniently based in Kagoshima, Tsumikusa No Yado Komatru is an interesting choice for the ones who like living near the city and enjoy a hot spring bath at the same time. This ryokan provides easy access to all that the lively city has to offer.

Tsumikusa No Yado Komatru Ryokan is a cozy japanese house with 6 bedrooms. The guest rooms are tastefully decorated and fully furnished. All facilities are available here.

9. Kurokawa-so

Heaven for onsen lovers in Kirishima

Kurokawa-So is nestled in a peaceful valley along the serene river. And because of 8 different hot spring baths, this ryokan is truly a heaven for onsen lovers to experience different onsen types. The newly renewed onsen is reserved for staying guests only. There are both indoor public baths, open-air baths, family baths and much more. And if that’s not enough, you can also unwind with their top of the line in-room massage services.

Kurokawa-So has 2 types of accommodation:

  • 1. Japanese style room featuring a futon bedding
  • 2. Western style room with cozy western bed

The hotel offers a free pick-up service from the nearest bus as well.

10. Ryokan Hatago Konokura

Onsen Hotel with world-class service in Kirishima

And to conclude our top 10, Hatago Konokura is an impressive traditional ryokan accommodation where you will experience authentic japanese traditions. The hotel features natural hot spring baths both private onsen and public onsen.

All guest rooms are finely furnished in original japanese style, fitting with tatami flooring and futal bedding. And as an extra feature, you can fully explore the japanese culture by trying on a yukata robe as well!