What are the best Japanese coffee shops in Tokyo?

28 March 2020 0 By Brenda C.
What are the best Japanese coffee shops in Tokyo?

If you read this, you are probably on your way to Japan, if you are not already there. So I hope you enjoy coffee, as it is a strong part of Japanese culture, especially in Tokyo. May it be in Shinjuku, Asakusa, Ginza, Shibuya or Harajuku area, you will come across many coffee shops there. And may you be looking for a hipster or a roaster coffee, a cute or a trendy one, you will definitely find the one that is for you. Here are the best of Tokyo’s coffee places.

Verve, in Shinjuku

Let us start our list of the best coffee places in Tokyo with the Verve in Shinjuku. It is an American coffee shop from California. The staff is amazing and serves great coffee every time. Best is, if you buy beans from them, they offer a free cup of drip coffee, which is a great in addition to the beans’ standard price.

Atmosphere is very cozy, with a common central table where you can sit together. It is definitely one of the best coffee house to check out in Shinkuju, much warmer and personal than many other clean places.

Nozy, The Roastery in Harajuku

Craft passion, friendly staff, great location, the Nosy in Harajuku serves some of the best home-roasted coffee beans in Tokyo. Best is, if you go on Wednesday evenings, they organize coffee cupping so you can learn about different coffee flavors and tastes. You won’t struggle to make the difference between Colombian or Ethiopian coffee anymore!

Another great point of the Nozy is that it is very calm, with dim lights, so you can easily go they to work. If you are a remote worker or a student looking for a quiet place to study in peace, it is definitely a great place to go.

One sad point on the other hand is that they are not very good at latte art, for the simple reason that they use very light beans, producing a coffee with which milk tents to blends too easily. Although this does not change the taste, latte art is always nice to stare at.

Tip: if you buy beams, try the mellow Honduras, it is their regular and is absolutely delightful.

Glitch Coffee Roaster, on East side of Tokyo

Another coffee shop that self-roast their beams is the Glitch Roaster. Located in Chiyoda – the nearest to Kanda Station –, the Glitch roast to absolute perfection, and people actually go crazy about it. Staff is very nice, even with non-japanese speakers, and best is, the roasting takes place right in the middle of the shop, which is totally fascinating. Definitely one of the best coffee place on the East side of Tokyo.

Tip: If you try one, go for the Guatemalan coffee, we assure you won’t forget it.

Roasted Coffee Lab, in Shibuya

If you are looking for a cozy place to meet someone for a quick catch up, we recommend the Lab. Recently re-opened in Jinnan (Shibuya), you will find any kind of people, friends, clients, or alone people working or studying.

Their plus: Additionally to their fantastic coffee, they have these steampunk machines that are so cool. They produce a special robotic French press coffee that tastes absolutely amazing. Exceptional beans, super cool staff, you can sit as long as you want if you take even just one drink.

Turet Coffee, in Ginza

Next on our list of the best coffee houses in Tokyo, we have the Turet Coffee, which is probably the best coffee place in Ginza, and who knows how they got so amazingly located! Best about this place: their Turret latte. It may be a simple dark triple-shot or maybe an entirely different recipe, it is delightful whatsoever.

Splendor Coffe, in Asakusa

Although Asakusa is a pretty touristic area, you can still fin very nice coffee places to go to, like the Splendor Coffee. A little away from the famous temple and pagoda, you will find there a beautiful front table and very comfortable Chesterfield sofas to chill on.

Nem Coffee, in Hiroo

You thought you knew all the best coffee places in Japan? Well, not sure if you knew about the Nem Coffee, which is probably the best hidden coffee shop in Tokyo. Close to Hiroo station and the National Azabu market, it is run by a super simple and lovely couple who is passionate and produce some of the best coffee in town, in one of the coziest place ever.

Streamer Coffee Company

The Streamer Coffee Company offers with absolutely no doubt the best latte art ever, thanks to their super dark espresso which helps to contrast with the foamy milk sticking out. Their store in Shibuya is still quite calm, but if the Streamer comes at the end of our list, it is because their latte art is making them so famous that the chain is expanding really fast, and shops can easily get crowded and noisy.