Eat at one of Kyoto’s Most Secretive Restaurant: Farmoon

16 July 2020 0 By Brenda C.
Eat at one of Kyoto’s Most Secretive Restaurant: Farmoon

If you appreciate everything in life which is unique, exclusive and secretive, you’ll appreciate spending an evening at Kyoto’s restaurant Farmoon. Run by former artist Masayo Funakoshi, every detail in this place will be part of the pleasure you will discover while dining.

Being Introduced

When we mentioned that the place is secretive and exclusive, you probably thought that you had to find the restaurant, that it wasn’t well known or strangely located. But the reality is none of that. To eat at Farmoon, you need to be introduced by someone. You cannot make reservations or show-up at the door. Once you are “in”, then, you are considered regulars and you can take part of the celebration of food by sitting around its table. Since it’s only open from Thursday to Sunday, it’s even more difficult to find a chair and to be a guest at Masayo Funakoshi’s restaurant Farmoon.

An Experience

But for those who manage to find their way inside Farmoon, the experience starts immediately once you step inside. The restaurant was built inside an old remodeled machiya which already provides it with a unique feeling. Dim light and candles highlight parts of the surroundings and the effect is quite dramatic. You are left to wonder what lurks in the shadows…

But Chef Masayo Funakoshi is never really far away, keeping you safe and warm in this unique environment as she prepares her meals at a long counter, nearby the large wooden circular table where the guests are sitting. Once ready, she brings the dish herself to the table and places it in front of everyone.

International Flavor

Masayo Funakoshi has cooked with some of the best Chefs around the world, having worked in Australia and in the USA. It brings out international flavors to her cuisine. You can really feel the western touch to her Japanese traditional dishes, and it creates something new, enticing and exclusive to the meal you are sharing with others. Everything she cooks is prepared with ingredients hand-picked from her garden behind the restaurant.

All this experience she has acquired around the planet does not change the fact that you still feel like you are having dinner as a family, with dishes that are homemade. Once you’ve enjoyed her cooking, there is no doubt left regarding her talent. Now, that she is back home in Kyoto, we can imagine that her “regulars” are quite happy about it.

We can only wish for you that one day you can be a guest to discover Farmoon’s uniqueness and the cuisine of a world renowned Chef.

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