The Japan has claimed a permanent siege at the security council of UN

30 September 2020 0 By Brenda C.
The Japan has claimed a permanent siege at the security council of UN

India, Japan, Germany and Brazil have claimed a permanent seat in the security council of the UN. This is an old story that comes back every year and this time, this request might fail again.

A non-representative council

The UN security council was created 75 years ago just after the World War II. The first members of the UN were the winners of this war : France, United States of America, the U.R.S.S and the United Kingdom. All the countries that losed the war were rejected from this security council.

Nowadays, there are two parts in the UN: the general assembly which groups 193 countries in the world and the security council where there are only 5 member states. Otherwise, there is non-permanent siege where every country can be. For example, India and Japan, the two major democracies in Asia does not have a permanent siege on this council.

A reform to preserve the credibility of the security council

For the ones who are rejected to become permanent on the security council, the world of today is very different from the one who saw the creation of the UN. In fact, this world has new leaders, new country and new peoples to live there. For the four countries, there is an emergency to build a good connection to shut down the actual pandemic crisis. For the president of India, the legitimacy of the UN is on danger and broaden the boundaries to these four countries will help to make the council more representative and more efficient.

A Japanese-Indian friendship

The UN council is useful to make arrangements to deal with all the economic crisis and others in the world. Japan and India have decided to make another path to help each other. For many years now, the Japan is helping India’s economy.

First of all, Japan is setting up businesses in India to boost the investments. With the actual economic crisis, India lost like 25 % of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product). To make this collaboration even better, this two countries has decided to increase their exchanges.

Indeed, we can talk about the fast-line Bombay-Ahmedabad. This is a line train crossing the country of India. In terms of their exchange, they agreed on an exchange: the line train will be desserved by the “Shinkansen” technology and Japan will pay 80 % of the total building cost. For the moment, this trip lasts for 8 hours long but with this high-speed technology, it will be only 2 hours.