Things to do Around Tokyo’s Narita Airport

2 March 2019 0 By John K.
Things to do Around Tokyo’s Narita Airport

Being the biggest airport in Japan, it is only natural that people would use the Narita Airport as a transit or a hub airport for a layover. From Haneda Tokyo to Narita airport, it will take you about one and a half hours. If you cannot head to Tokyo as a transit passenger, it is advisable to have a look around the Narita airport. There are many things to do in the area around.

Visit the Naritasan Shinshoji temple and Omotesando

You cannot fail to visit the Naritasan Shinshoji temple while you are around Narita airport. The temple is over a thousand years old. At around December and the New Year, over one million people flock around the temple. There is an 800m long road outside the temple heading down the street. The road is called Omotesando.

Naritasan Park is closest to the temple, where you could walk and experience some of the most amazing Japanese food and local culture. Entrance to the temple is absolutely free and is open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Explore inside Narita market

If you get to the airport earlier than your flight’s departure time or earlier than the train to Tokyo’s departure time, you can take a stroll around Narita market. There you will have a similar experience as that of Tsukiji fish market. There is a variety of Japanese food you could enjoy as well.

The entrance to Narita market is free though it opens and closes quite earlier. Doors are opened at 6:30 am while the market closes at noon. Getting there early could give you at least a two-hour shopping and time for exploring the inside and the outside of the market.

Tour Shisui premium outlet

The Shisui Premium outlet is one of a kind market mall with over 200 brand shops from all over the world. The mix of culture and a variety of products gives the mall an elegant appeal. You will not miss something amazing to carry home or even buy for a friend or family a gift.

The mall is a fifteen minutes’ drive from the airport, and the entrance is free. It opens at around 10 am and closes late in the evening at around 8 pm. You can spend almost three hours at the mall since the products are unique and fascinating.

Visit AEON mall in Narita

Another one of a kind mall that might interest you near Narita airport is the AEON mall. It is located about twenty minutes from the airport. In the mall, you will see a lot of Japanese families doing their daily shopping. You can find things like food, clothes, vegetables, and stationary, particularly everything. It is a one-stop kind of mall.

The AEON mall is opened from 8 am to 8 pm, and entry is free. As with the Premium outlet, you can spend a lot of time in the mall since there are a lot of things to choose from. The food is, and you can take away some for your trip to the city.

Narita Yume Bokujo dream dairy farm

Another place that is not only visited by tourists but also the locals is the Narita Yume bokujo dream dairy farm. This farm is home for different breeds of cows, hamsters, and ducks. For a person who has not been brought up in a farm environment, you could enjoy seeing how things are operated in one.

Some activities that you could do on the farm include feeding the animals, especially the ducks, get some fresh milk from the cows and learn a bit about farming. The farm is located fifteen minutes from the airport and adults pay an entrance fee of 1,400 yen.

Visit the Bouso no Mura museum

If you have an interest in learning one or two things about Japanese culture, this museum is one of the touristic places you should visit. You will see some old Japanese houses and landscapes and learn a few things about the people of Japan.

The museum is opened from 9 in the morning to 4:30 pm. An adult pays an entrance fee of 300 yen. You are allowed to spend about two hours as you take part in fun activities to make your souvenir. This is one of the tourist attractions in the area, and so a lot of people from all over the world visit the museum in and out of season.

Join tours around the Sawara area

In the Sawara area, it is very easy to feel the traditional atmosphere. The area was an old center for delivery in Tokyo. , and heavy goods were transported to and from the area by boat.

The area is opened around 9 am and closed at 5 pm. Entrance is free, and it is only 30 minutes from NRT by train.


As you wait to get to Haneda airport, you do not have to stare at your phone for hours. There are a lot of interesting sites near Narita airport for you to see. You could book a hotel for the night as well and explore the outside of Narita from the room’s window in the night.