What are the Differences Between Plum Blossom and Cherry Blossom?

20 January 2019 0 By Brenda C.
What are the Differences Between Plum Blossom and Cherry Blossom?

It is easy to think that a plum blossom and cherry blossoms are one and the same thing. From afar, if you have not interacted with either enough, you might mistake one for the other. However, the two are different and can be differentiated by looking at their physical appearances. Here is the difference between plum blossom and cherry blossom in the light of their physical appearances and blooming season.

Their Leaves

A cherry tree has green leaves which are unfolding. For a plum tree, the leaves have a fully reddish purple look. They are also unrolled unlike the folding of the cherry tree. In some cases, however, you might find plum trees with green leaves. This feature is not so often, so you do not have to worry about getting mixed up. If you do find one, check whether the leaf is folded or not to differentiate between the two.

Their petals

For a cherry-blossom, you will see a small split at the end of each petal.

On the other hand, there are no splits on the petals of the flowers of a plum-blossom. This is usually one of the main difference between the cherry-blossom and the plum blossom. If the leaves were not clear, the flowers will do the talking.

The cherry blossom’s flower is light pink in color while the plum blossom’s flower is almost white and dark red or brown towards the flower stalk. The cherry’s flower intensifies the pink color as it heads towards the flower stalk.

Their Buds

A cherry blossom usually has oval buds while a plum blossom has round ones. More than one cherry can come out of a cherry’s bud where else only one plum will come out of a plum’s bud. The bud of a cherry blossom tends to have a long stalk which makes it pull out of the branches more than that of a plum blossom

The Flower Fragrance

Both the plum blossom flower and the cherry blossom flower have sweet flowery fragrance. However, for plum blossom flower, the fragrance is sharper and can be smelt from a little distance especially when the weather is cold. On the other hand, for a cherry-blossom flower, the fragrance is a bit mild, and you can barely smell it from a distance. You will have to come much closer to smell cherry flower.

For someone who has not been around a cherry, you might mistake the flower for not having any smell at fast. This, however, changes once you realize that it does.

Their colors

In Japan, the white cherry-blossom is quite popular. Other than the white-blossom, you can find light pink and dark pink cherry blossoms. The plum-blossom can be pink, white and dark red. Seeing that both have a white breed, the other features of the tree and the flower will help you tell the difference between the two. Mostly, for one who is familiar with them, it is a bit easy to have a mental conclusion on which one they are from afar.

Their Barks

First, let us look at the colors since this is what you will see from afar. The color of a plum tree is a dark tone of gray or black. Looking at the cherry tree, you will see the light gray bark. The other thing that will help you tell the difference between the two in relation to their barks is the patterns they have.

The bark of a plum tree is a bit smooth or with very mild lines. On the other hand, that of a cherry blossom tree has small distinctive horizontal lines.

A close look at the shape of the flowers

You can be able to clearly tell the difference between a cherry-blossom and a plum blossom by the shape of their flowers. A plum blossom’s flower is round. You cannot miss the round shape at all since it stands out quite clearly. When you look at the Cherry blossom, its flower may appear to be round if you are not paying attention. However, if you give it a closer look, you will realize that it has an umbrella-shaped flower. The flowers are curvy and distinct.

Their blooming seasons.

The cherry blossom and the plum blossom do not have the same blooming season. For the cherry blossom, you will see it bloom around April and May. However, for the plum blossom, blooming happens early February or late January when the blooming season sets in early. By April when the plum blossom is blooming, the cherry blossom is already bearing cherries. Their blooming season never happens at a go.

The blooming season can be a sure differentiation. If you find one blooming and you are not sure which one it is, just check your calendar. If it is around April, you know it is a plum blossom, and if it is the beginning of February, then you will know it is a cherry.

These are the most distinctive features between the cherry blossom and the plum blossom. It is also essential to know that the cherry blossom is the one also known as Sakura, so whenever you hear the sakura season know that it is the cherry blossom’s season.