Learning japanese with the Great Courses: is it really worth it ?

16 October 2020 0 By Brenda C.
Learning japanese with the Great Courses: is it really worth it ?

Japan has become one of the most visited countries in the world. In order to travel and visit this beautiful country, you will have to learn Japanese which is one of the hardest languages to learn. In order to learn to speak Japanese fluently you will have to take courses. In this text, we are going to show how it is important to learn Japanese before going there and how you can do it quickly with the Great Courses or the Great Courses Plus.

Learning Japanese in order to visit Japan

Japan’s Culture has become trendy all over the ages. If you want to visit Japan, you will have to learn Japanese because there not many English speakers in Japan. In order to visit Japan and its wonderful islands, you will have to be very respectful. Learning Japanese will help you to understand many things and will help you to: speak with Japanese’s people, ask for your way to go, understand tv shows, speak with sellers.

Learning how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, and many other stuff are so important in every country you go. Most of the countries in the world are perfectly good english speakers but in Japan, talking Japanese is much appreciated. Japanese’s culture is really about love and respect, if you want to follow these rules, learning Japanese is the best thing you can do.

Learning Japanese using the great courses of the great courses plus

As we said, learning Japanese is really hard but it will help you to fit perfectly in this culture. In order to learn this language, you have many ways to go:

  • learn by yourself using dictionaries and books,
  • learn with a Japanese teacher,
  • learn by using books, CDs, DVDs by using the Great Courses or the Great Courses Plus.

The Great Courses is a website where you will find many different supports in order to learn history, languages, literature, maths, sciences and tons of other topics.

The Great Courses: the Netflix of Learning

The Great Courses is a website where you can find hundreds and tons of courses about many topics. It is called the Netflix or learning because there are many different courses as diverse as varied themes like cooking, meditation or even gardening ranged from traditional academic topics like maths, science or literature.

Materials to learn at any age

Learning is a lifelong experience and you can learn at any age by using many different materials. The Great Courses and The Great Courses Plus provide an optimal learning experience at any age because it offers numerous types of supports in order to learn with ease and quickness.

Learners can access to an extensive online digital video library but also a consequent number of hard copy materials like CDs, DVDs, workbooks and even guidebooks. Some of them are even sent by teachers via emails in order to help you to understand.

All of these supports can be used by both young people and olders. For the youngest ones, the website version is really user-friendly and navigates through this site will be very easy. For the olders, who are not used to informatics, it will be easy too because there are many hard copy materials and the interface is really understandable for olders. However, you can find The Great Courses or The Great Courses Plus app on play store and app store for both IOS and Android.

Are The Great Courses and The Great Courses Plus worth the money?

If you are new to these services, you might be frightened by the prices. It is true, they are a little expensive for everyone. But, if you check the Great Courses review on Internet you will see that there are many positive comments.

If you are not convinced with these services, know that on the Great Courses website, you will find free different courses everyday. Moreover, you can check the courses on sale in the main menu.

The Great Courses plus is not that different than The Great Courses, the only difference that you can experience is the numbers of courses that you can access to. On The Great Courses, you will have to pay for every course you want to access. The Great Courses Plus offers unlimited access to videos, workbooks, guidebooks, CDs and DVDs. If you really want to learn Japanese as quickly as possible, we can advise you try The Great Courses Plus because it will give you an access for Japaneses courses about language, the history of Japan and even about the Japanese culture. Moreover, for every subscription, a month free trial is offered in order to test this service.